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Modeling a detailed dagger in 3DsMax

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Modeling a detailed dagger in 3DsMax

In this tutorial  I will show you how to model a detailed fantasy dagger in 3dsmax  using a reference picture. This tutorial was requested on our forums and together with the request the user provided also the reference picture according which i should model the dagger. We will start the tutorial by adjusting and importing the reference picture inside 3DsMax using a standard material and a plane. After this first step i will start to model the blade using  poly-modeling technique starting from a box and by moving the vertex and edges shaping the box into the blade of the dagger.

After the blade will be ready we will jump straight to the handle and model all the details which I will see on the reference picture. Along with the high-poly model I will try to model also a low-poly model of this dagger which could be used in a game or in any environment where you need low-poly models. The final touch to the blade we will do inside Sculptris (free ZBrush). For rendering and materials i will use the MentalRay and Photometric Lights for realistic looking result. At the end we will render Ambient & Occlusion map and do some postproduction in Photoshop.

Include:Modelling a detailed dagger using a reference.Modeling a high and low poly model·
Using poly-modeling technique· Using editable poly to add details
· Smoothing the object using subdivision
· Using Sculptris for details of the handle
· Materials using Arch&Design
· Lightning using MR Photometric Lights
· Rendering, Ambient & Occlusion
· Postproduction in Photoshop
Time:· 03:40:00
SSoftware used in the tutorial: 3DsMax 2012, Photoshop, Sculptris


Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Max.Files/max.files.zip)max.files.zip [Max Files] 7883 Kb 14/12/11 19:05
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part1_xvid.zip)part1_xvid.zip [Part 1] 171821 Kb 14/12/11 19:05
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part2_xvid.zip)part2_xvid.zip [Part 2] 136863 Kb 14/12/11 19:05
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part3_xvid.zip)part3_xvid.zip [Part 3] 202891 Kb 14/12/11 19:03
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part4_xvid.zip)part4_xvid.zip [Part 4] 148988 Kb 14/12/11 19:03
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part5_xvid.zip)part5_xvid.zip [Part 5] 127369 Kb 14/12/11 19:03
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Xvid/part6_xvid.zip)part6_xvid.zip [Part 6] 137837 Kb 14/12/11 19:04
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Medieval/Dagger/Textures/reference.textures.zip)reference.textures.zip [Reference and Textures] 7130 Kb 14/12/11 19:04

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